TelePharm's COVID-19 Resources

Mitch Larson

As Coronavirus cases continue to spread around the country, we wanted to compile our COVID-related telepharmacy resources so you can easily refer to them as you continue to pursue the best and safest possible care for your patients.


COVID-19 and Telepharmacy

This article provides a high-level overview of how telepharmacy helps pharmacists maintain their position on the frontlines in this fight against the pandemic, while keeping themselves and their patients safe. Read more >>> 

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In this article, we go in more depth as to how telepharmacy serves as a "virtual face mask" which protects pharmacists, technicians, and patients alike. Read more >>> 

TP Role in Emergency Response

This pandemic is not the only emergency situation that telepharmacy can help address. From natural disasters to everyday health crises, telepharmacy can play a big role in serving patients regardless of geography. Read more >>> 


Advocacy Resources:

Telepharmacy Regulations Analysis Article CTA

If you want to advocate for telepharmacy in your state, it might be helpful to know where your state stands currently. In this whitepaper (both in blog form and downloadable PDF), we break down each state's telepharmacy regulations, grading them each on several different regulatory factors, while also giving them an overall grade of restrictive, moderate, or progressive. See what grade your state got! View the whitepaper >>>



2020 Telepharmacy Regulatory Update

With the increased emphasis on safety and social distancing today, it is incredibly important for pharmacists to be included alongside the other vital healthcare professionals who are being permitted to practice remotely. Our regulatory experts Adam Chesler, PharmD and Jessica Adams, PharmD hosted a webinar recently outlining the regulatory landscape around telepharmacy and how you can advocate for progressive regulations in your state. Watch the 20-minute video >>

Telehealth: Advancing Care During Pandemics

We've got another great webinar for you! Jessica Adams, PharmD and Manager of Regulatory Affairs for TelePharm, discusses the history of telehealth and telepharmacy, and the impact the practices can have today, both inside and outside the context of the current pandemic. You'll get an in-depth look at telepharmacy regulations and the states with available waivers in response to COVID, as well as guidance on how to best advocate for progressive telepharmacy regulations in your state. Watch the Webinar >>> 


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