6 Ways to Make the Most of Cardinal Health RBC 2018

Zach Schladetzky | December 13, 2017

Retail community pharmacy and the delivery of pharmaceutical care is changing. Are you going to adapt your pharmacy operation or let the competition pass you by?


Established in 1990, Cardinal Health RBC is the annual pharmacy business conference hosted by Cardinal Health. RBC, or retail business conference, not only celebrates the history and value of independent pharmacy, but it provides numerous opportunities for independent pharmacy owners to learn how to thrive and maximize the potential of their pharmacy. 

Located in beautiful San Diego, California, Cardinal Health RBC 2018 will be full of learning, networking and exciting times at the San Diego Convention Center. The show will be held from June 27 - 30, 2018. Plus did we mention Magic Johnson and Mel Robbins?

Get your swimsuit ready. Here are six tips to ensure you make the most of your time away from the pharmacy.


1. Plan ahead!

Before taking in all that southern California has to offer, think about what you want to achieve by attending #RBC2018SD. Do you want to expand your services to new patients in underserved areas? Do you want to increase the value-added services you already offer? What about MTM or additions to your front end offerings? Read over the schedule and seek out the topics most important to your pharmacy. Pro tip: It's going to be warm, so don't forget to bring lightweight outfits and breezy clothes. 

Ps have you downloaded the RBC mobile app? Search RBC 2018 in the App Store or Google Play!

2. Review CE courses

After you’ve defined your goals, check out the continuing education course schedule so you can attend what’s most important to you. Are you interested in exploring community telepharmacy options? Visit TelePharm on the showcase floor! Interested in maximizing 340B potential? There’s a class for that. Have you been thinking about pursuing new payment models in pharmacy? There’s a class for that, too.

Remember: don’t bite off more than you can chew and give yourself time for breaks throughout the day. You're going to need them if you want to enjoy San Diego nightlife! 

Speaking of learning courses, what do you know about telepharmacy? Download your copy of our beginner's guide!


3. Bring key staff members

Many pharmacy owners take their chief pharmacy technicians or pharmacy managers along with them. This is a great idea because it allows multiple people in the pharmacy to understand why making improvements is necessary. It also allows the team to cover more sessions and get more out of the show as a whole. Looking for another piece of advice beyond the pharmacy trade show? Try to learn something new about healthcare every day!

Ps are you interested in what makes a great pharmacy technician? It's these 5 traits.

4. Network (the attendees don’t bite)

Although we can’t technically guarantee that attendees won’t bite, we can say it with near 100% certainty.

Hop on an elevator next to someone with an RBC badge? Introduce yourself. Waiting for a continuing education session to start? See what the person next to you thinks about the topic at hand. Believe it or not, a majority of pharmacy owners face the same issues you do on a daily basis. Start a conversation and see what you can learn from each other. You’d be surprised what could come from a simple introduction.


issues facing community pharmacy


5. Be open and flexible

From sun up until sundown, there’s a lot going on at RBC 2018, so make sure you keep a mindset that’s open and flexibleit’s a pharmacy trade show for gosh sakes! While planning ahead is important, sometimes it’s okay to switch up your plan if a product or service strikes your fancy, or if you run into an old friend or pharmacy colleague. Priority number one: enjoy your time away from the pharmacy! 


6. Make it back home? Rested? Time to execute!

In order to make your Cardinal RBC 2018 investment pay off, you need to execute after you get home. Between the continuing education classes and the innovative solutions, surely you’ve got some ideas you can execute on. You met new people, learned about new technology and now it’s time to set your pharmacy up for success in the coming year! 

What's left to do, you ask? Have fun! Enjoy Cardinal Health RBC 2018 in beautiful San Diego, California. Make sure you're tweeting along with us during the show by using the hashtag: #RBC2018SD! 


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