The Benefits of Telepharmacy Part 1: Provide More Convenient Flu Shot Vaccine Locations

Zach Schladetzky | August 29, 2016

Soon the leaves will change from green to amber and pumpkin-spiced everything will be front and center at your local grocery store. All of these changes are...

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Trend: What is a Pharmacy Desert?

Zach Schladetzky | August 24, 2016

Do you know patients located in pharmacy deserts? What is a pharmacy desert, anyway? If all that comes to mind is a tumbleweed and an empty orange...

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What to Consider When Thinking About Telepharmacy Solutions

Zach Schladetzky | August 8, 2016

Although telepharmacy has been around since the North Dakota Telepharmacy Project in the early 2000s, modern technology has advanced remote dispensing to...

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Load Balancing: The Answer to Pharmacy Staffing Problems

Zach Schladetzky | August 1, 2016

Each day brings more and more tasks for pharmacists and the pressure of an increased workload makes their daily to-do list nearly impossible.

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The 4 Different Types of Telepharmacy

Zach Schladetzky | July 27, 2016

Retail telepharmacy sites provide much needed care to patients underserved in rural communities, but how else can healthcare facilities tap into the...

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